Innovation and business ethics:
Longema and the new frontiers of Science, Ecology
and Skincare in Derma-Eco-Cosmetics

Founded in 2005 by Anna Marino, driven not only by a true passion for the world of skin care but also by the objective of fulfilling the request of consumers for something new, Longema Srl is today a leading company in the avant-garde technology of Derma-Eco-Cosmetics with the innovative products of the Longé Line.

Animated by three keywords safety, efficacy and low environmental impact, Longema Srl turns its attention to continuous innovation. It creates products which are all destined to come into contact with the skin (creams, cleansers, microfiber cloths for skin care) and are all “Good for the skin and good for the environment”, capable of maintaining constant skin equilibrium whilst remaining in harmony with the environment, and committed to this new cosmetic product concept; Derma-Eco-Cosmetics .

The first revolutionary idea of Longema was to present products which function equally well for both Face and Body at 360 degrees, by considering the Skin as an Organ. The skin is in fact more than a simple coating: it is the heaviest (3-4 kg) and most extensive (from 1.5 to 2 m2) organ of our body. It is exactly for this reason that Longema has the mission to take care of it, paying attention to its “Future” and abandoning the frequent distinction between class A creams and class B creams: the Longé Line envisages only synergic creams capable of obtaining the same results over the whole surface of the body.

The Longé challenge was to succeed in giving life to a new basic cosmetic line characterised by the absence of petrolatum (petroleum jelly, paraffinum liquidum, Vaseline, mineral oil) and non sebum-like substances (which can interfere with regular skin transpiration), and by the limited use of silicon (below 1%), which is generally used in derma-cosmetics for its lubricant effect and silky feel but which, in the long term can dry the skin, produce a film-forming effect and constrain all the other ingredients and actives to remain on the skin’s surface.
Longema has paid great attention not just to all the elements of the formula (actives, vitamins, phytosterols, antioxidants), but also to the cream base which transports them and which determines the effectiveness of the cosmetic product. The guiding concept of this adventure was to “Let the skin breath” avoiding attacking it with products which are not similar to it, but rather “pampering it” with others capable of maintaining the correct water/lipid ratio.
The essential concept for Longema is that a formula is just like one big harmonious sheet of music.

Longema Srl, has decided to operate in the field of Derma-Eco-Cosmetics, embracing ethics as a fundamental principle of healthy entrepreneurial activity and creating products which can always maintain consumer promises, everything in a context of high technology and attention to the environment. Therefore, Longema tries as much as possible to combine organic substances with synthetic, safe and scientifically tested ones.
The same level of attention is also used for packaging selection and disposal methods suggested to consumers for every single product package.